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New PC with Intel 2011 socket

DX79SI board with 2011 socket, core i7 processor, Intel SSD drive for better performance and reliability, two 500 GB WD RAID 1 hdds, ASUS GTX 570 graphics and a Blu-ray drive.

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How to clean my computer screen

Your computer screen will be dirty over time, but don't buy products at the store to clean your screen. Use a simple, cheap solution that is available to all.

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hard drive space

What is taking up most of my space?

Making space on your hard drive can be tough if you don't know where most of your space is being allocated. Use JDiskReport to help you out.

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Properly eject your USB storage devices

Properly ejecting your USB device is important to prevent data loss. Learn how to prevent common mistakes.

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To Sleep Or Not To Sleep?

Placing your computer to sleep saves energy, but it can cause performance issues with your computer. Learn how to avoid it and save energy at the same time.

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Don’t Fall For Fake Anti-Virus Programs

Learn to avoid fake anti-virus programs to help prevent viruses, spyware, and stolen information.

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Solid state vs hard drive


Here is a great video about the differences between regular hard drives and solid state drives. If you are still debating whether you should change your hdd to ssd then this video is for you. ...

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Security cameras

H Power Surveillance System Help Police!

A surveillance system built by H Power Computing helped to arrest arsonist on June 14 2011. This is also not the first time when our surveillance cameras assist Honolulu police department.

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Cell phones

Time to Upgrade? #2

I got my new Blackberry 9670 from Sprint! I know this is not a new iPhone but for me this was a huge step forward. Now I can have my information synced with Google, keep ...

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cell phone progression

Time to Upgrade?

If you are still using a 3 year old phone for Facebook, Twitter or just for browsing the internet that means it is time for you to upgrade! My personal findings might be the right ...

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