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Time to Upgrade? #2

After three years of owning the Blackberry 8820 – which has served me well during that time – the port for the recharge cable and the track ball was rapidly starting to deteriorate.  My quest for a new smart phone has ended. My final decision to select the Blackberry 9670 was an easy one based from the info I disclosed in my previous blog.

I did however; change my decision to go to the main Sprint dealer store rather than go to a third party reseller.  This decision was made after I made my second visit to the third party reseller and the gut feeling I had was something wasn’t quite right with this place. So, I checked the Sprint website for a comparison of service for both the main dealer store and the third party reseller and the only difference was that the main dealer store could repair my smart phone should I have a problem with it.

But, since I had that gut feeling, I decided to go to the main Sprint store on Ala Moana Blvd.  The service I received here was great, and the customer service representative – Aaron Tanaka –  who assisted me has a background in electronics from the U.S. Air Force and was previously the service technician for Sprint and recently moved to the front office to be a customer service representative.  It was a win, win situation for both of us, since I received great service and he’ll be receiving all my future referrals.

Since purchasing the Blackberry 9670, the past two weeks using this smart phone has been surreal and very satisfying.  The technology that’s installed in this smart phone has given me the capability of servicing my client’s to the best of my abilities.  The wireless sync from my Google calendar to my smart phone has made my life more efficient.  The 3G technology is a step-up from what I had so now my download speeds have greatly increased. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll be able to upgrade to a 4G smart phone once the infrastructure is in place here in Honolulu.  The improvement of the technology that Blackberry has made the past three years is like going from solid rocket fuel to warp drive for all you trekkies out there.

The five megapixel camera has given me an added dimension to my services, as where my previous phone did not have this feature.  It’s like giving a gun to a monkey….point and shoot.  I can now go the Twitvites without feeling embarrassed and also connect to Twitter to let all my followers experience what I see in real time, especially when I go to all the eateries around Honolulu.

And now, for my next technology hurdle….stay tuned….until next time….