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Custom Computers

Building A Better Machine

When it comes to computers, the standard of quality put into each PC we build and focus on customer experience is what sets us apart from the competition. From the beginning, we’ve created a culture of excellence, using only the highest quality parts and components to best serve our community of discerning clients in Honolulu Hawaii, whom demand a lot from their computer! Our philosophy is centered around delivering a PC that fits your needs; one that will serve you long into the future. That’s why we back up each custom build computer with a 3 Year New Parts replacement warranty.

Custom Computer Gallery

Custom Computers We Build

Gaming PCs

Built for fast-paced action, our gaming PCs are designed with quality CPU, RAM, GPU hardware in mind for clean graphics, low latency, and high performance, giving you an competitive edge.

Design / AutoCAD PCs

To meet the demand of complex modeling and design projects required from creative professionals, we build systems that can handle processor hungry applications and multi-tasking work.

Custom Desktop Computer with Side Window

Desktop Computers

Whether it’s for home or office, our desktop computers are constructed specifically with the tools you need to help match your computing needs and budget.

Crypto Mining PCs

Serious cryptocurrency miners need best-in-class graphics cards (GPUs) for single thread processing. Our custom tailored machines are built with these specifications in mind for the ROI you’re looking for.

Servers / Industry PCs

Businesses of all kinds benefit from our server and industry-specific computer builds, be it a multi-node workstation server, a DVR server connected to security cameras, or forensic desktop computers for the HPD.

Network Attached Storage

For mission critical data storage, we build network attached storage (NAS) with RAID disk configurations, giving you loads of external storage and piece of mind that your files are protected from single disk failure.

Hardware Warranty / Protection

Standard 3 Year New Parts Replacement Warranty

For every new custom computer we build, a three-year new parts replacement warranty is included with purchase. That means if any of the warranty-covered hardware in your computer breaks down / malfunctions within three years of purchasing your new build, we’ll replace the bad part with a brand new one.

Hardware Covered

CPUs, CPU coolers/heatsinks, motherboards, hard drives (SSD, NVME, SATA) graphics cards, RAM/memory, power supplies, wifi/network cards, bluetooth cards, disc/optical drives, fans


  • All new replacement parts issued under this warranty are tested before use for quality assurance purposes
  • If a hardware peripheral in your computer is no longer available for replacement, we’ll replace your part newer compatible version instead
  • After your computer is no longer covered by this warranty, manufacturer warranties are sometimes still available (up to five years)

Hardware NOT Covered

Monitors, external storage, software (malware/viruses), input/output devices (headphones, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc), RGB lighting (for aesthetics), speakers, uninterrupted power supplies, acts of mother nature/accidents

Our Design / Build Process

Planning / Design

Upon starting a new PC build, we’ll discuss your planned computing use to design a system that can handle whatever you throw at it. Hardware performance, software needs, suitable data storage, peripheral device support, and security requirements are all taken into account in this planning step to ensure we deliver a PC that’s perfect for you.

Technician Repairing Computer Laptop

Computer Assembly

Each computer we design is backed by decades of experience, and is built with expert precision. Focused on quality, each of our new PCs undergo rigorous performance and feature testing for a quality system you’ll be thrilled to use. We also install non-OS software and migrate your existing data upon request, so you can hit the ground running.

Walkthrough & Training

Once your new computer is ready to go, we’ll meet with you in our shop during pick up and conduct a new PC walkthrough, covering all the build features included in the design, software/hardware usage instructions, along with tips and best practices to help you get the most out of your new PC and work your way toward becoming a power user.

Customize / Upgrade Your Existing PC

We can customize your computer with the following hardware/peripherals:

  • SATA and solid state hard drives
  • Multimedia ready Blu-Ray/DVD/CD ROM Drives
  • High performance video cards
  • High performance multi-input sound cards
  • Memory card readers
  • Removable hard drive bays
  • RAID (Redundant Array Independent Disks) configurations for instant data protection
  • Liquid Cooling