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PC / Mac Repair

When it comes to dealing with computer related repairs, it’s best to leave it to the pros. We offer comprehensive PC and Mac computer repair services to the Honolulu, Hawaii area for all types of computer related repairs, be it for desktops, laptops / notebooks, NAS (network attached storage), servers — you name it! With decades of industry experience, we’re prepared with the tools to fix even the most complex issues for a stress-free experience.

Repair Services Offered

Hardware Repair

Many computer issues are related to hardware failure. Over time, these parts can degrade after heavy use and need a replacement. Motherboards, processors, memory, video cards and power supplies can malfunction over time. Hard drives can crash due to mechanical failure. We’re experts in tracking down and fixing these issues.

Software Repair

Even with top-of-the-line computers, software issues can wreak havoc on a system and bring it to a screeching halt. Viruses, malware, corrupt operating systems, driver misconfigurations, and more equate to disrupted productivity. We address each of these issues to get your machine back to good health and functioning like new.

Free Basic In-Store Diagnostics

We offer a no-risk, free basic in-store computer repair diagnostic service to determine your computer’s problem, and offer a quote and advice for any related work involved in the repair (even if you decide to take your PC to another repair shop / business). No Appointments necessary!

Convenient Service Options

In-Store Repairs

Bring your PC into our Kakaako shop for a free basic in-store diagnostic. We’ll work quickly to narrow down the problem and offer a quote for any needed repair work.

On-Site Repairs

If you can’t bring your computer to our shop (ex: business servers, network equipment, etc), our support team can come to your location to address the issue.

Remote Access Repairs

We offer remote access software or configuration repairs that can address a host of issues, so long as connectivity to your computer is still functioning.