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Data Recovery

Hard drive failure can present itself in many forms, and often comes up at the most inopportune time. Nothing is more stressful than investing countless hours into work on your computer, phone, or external memory card, and have it all of a sudden disappear due to hard drive failure. While it may seem like all hope is lost, our comprehensive Data Recovery service is poised to help restore your lost data and save the day.

Signs of Hard Drive Failure

Reduced computer performance, longer read times accessing your project files, random system crashes, unreliable functionality after liquid damage, noisy/clicking mechanical sounds while your computer is running, and slowed or outright failure to boot up are all indications that your hard drive is starting to fail. If you notice any of these classic symptoms, your best line of defense against losing data is reach out to us with a support request or phone call for assistance and use your computer as little as possible before service.

Data Recovery Services

Lost Data Recovery

Losing files to a hard drive crash is among the most frustrating of PC problems out there. We’re equipped with the techniques and experience to restore data from even the most severe disk crashes, helping save our customers from losing time invested in their work.

Hard Disk Drive Interior

Deleted File Restoration

Files accidentally deleted or reformatted off your hard drive may be recoverable, if the data hasn’t been overwritten on the disk. We do our best to search for and recover data thought to be lost.

Operating System Reinstall

After a hard drive fails, an operating system install is necessary to get your PC up and running again. We’ll set up your computer with the software need to work just like before, integrated with all the computer’s hardware.

Data Protection Planning

We work with you to understand the core concepts of file backups (manual vs automated, internal vs external, on-premise vs cloud, disk redundancy) and develop / implement a backup strategy that fits your computing needs. The value of knowing your data is protected is truly priceless.

Stress-Free Recovery Service

No Risk Guarantee

If we can’t recovery your failed drive’s data, there’s no charge for the labor involved. No questions asked!

Free Diagnostic

Bring in your PC and we’ll conduct a free basic diagnostic and quote you for any further work needed.

Rush Service Available

For time sensitive or emergency recovery work, we offer a rush service for an additional charge.

Hawaii’s Only Professional Clean Room

For the most severe data recovery cases, we use our in-house professional clean room (the only one in Hawaii) to increase the likelihood of restoring your data and increasing labor turnaround time. Our Levels of Data Recovery page further details this process, including turnaround times for each level of work.

Types of Recoverable Storage Devices

  • Desktop Drives
  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • Smart Phones (iPhone and Android)
  • Solid State Drives
  • Memory/Media Cards (SD, MMC, CF, XD, etc)
  • SCSI Hard Drives*
  • NAS Hard Drives*
  • Raid Hard Drives*

*Additional charges may apply for complex data recovery.