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New PC with Intel 2011 socket

Just recently we built a system that has a new Intel 2011 socket. I can tell you one thing, I felt like a little kid on a Christmas day when I first saw the motherboard box. I was excited to open it up and start working on the new system.

Here’s some background information about the new pc itself. One of the main requirements for the new computer was to make it look nice visually. Consequently, we decided to add some lights inside and system dynamics detector in the front. By the way, this little gadget shows RPM and temperature of your hard drive. And most importantly you can choose between 7 different colors! Another challenging thing was to decide what case we like. After spending some time in front of the monitor comparing different models and brands we decided to go with a CoolerMaster case.

Ok, so let’s not forget about the performance. I know that these days if you don’t really care about the money then you can go crazy and get the latest components. In our case the budget was limited, but there are a few things that we always stick with (Intel motherboard and processor). So we chose DX79SI board with 2011 socket, core i7 processor, Intel SSD drive for better performance and reliability, two 500 GB WD RAID 1 hdds, ASUS GTX 570 graphics, 16 GB of RAM and a Blu-ray drive. After two days of work this little beast was ready for playing games.

I tell you one thing, I felt sad when I had to separate with this pc. But at the same time I felt good that the customer was really happy when he saw the computer for the first time. I probably spent about an hour with him explaining all the little things. Anyway, happy customers is our main goal, and it makes me feel good when I see them excited.

Here’s some pictures: