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Time to Upgrade?

From time to time, I’ll be commenting on things relating to the high technology situations I’ll be coming across.  Such as, I’m currently now going through a personal dilemma of whether to upgrade my cell phone now and purchase a smart phone with 3G or 4G capabilities.  I’ve been doing my homework and each time I do research –  every other week –  the deals are getting better and better. Now, Sprint offers the Blackberry 9670 Blackberry 9670 from Sprint at no cost with a 2-year plan, plus a credit of $125 after 60 days.  My current service provider is T-Mobile, which I’ve been with the past 12 years and there’s no complaints from me as far as customer service is concerned.  The phone I’m using now is the Blackberry 8820 Old Blackberry-8820 that I’ve owned since July 2008.  Though it has served me well and continues to do so, it’s embarrassing when I go on Twitter because at times it takes forever to logon the Internet.  I always joke that I have 1G technology, but, my phone gets the job done with the texting, email and calling capabilities.  We’ll see in the coming weeks what I’ll decide on.  Stay tuned…