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New H Power Computing Site Launched!

We at HPC have been keeping ourselves busy in offering new ways to help our clients with all their Custom Computer, DVR Surveillance, and PC Repair / Support needs. What better way to do that than completely revamp our existing web presence and offer a new and improved site with everything you need to know about us?

Our new site also features a regularly updated blog full of useful computer tips, tricks, and articles to help you become a better PC user and have some fun along the way. We want to encourage discussion for everything we write in our blog, so feel free to take some time and post a comment letting us know your thoughts or questions.

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Take some time to look through our site and check on what we’ve done:

Custom Computers
A complete list of everything that goes into each Custom PC we build, whether it be a desktop, laptop, gaming PC, netbook, or server.

DVR Surveillance
Everything you need to know about our DVR Surveillance systems and how we work with our customers to develop an personalized solution.

PC Repair / Support
All the types of repair and support services we offer, from our free In Store Diagnostic, On Site Support, and Remote Access Support via the web.

Thanks for dropping in and we hope to see you around again soon!