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When Does Your LCD Display Need A Replacement?

If you work on a laptop or your computer monitor has a LCD display, you must be aware of the signs that call for LCD display repair and replacement. These signs will allow you to stay alarmed and get the replacement in time so that you can have a hassle-free experience with your machine. Below is a brief on the different signs that call for a LCD screen replacement or repair.

Cracked Screen

If your LCD display has got cracked somehow, the screen would mostly need a replacement. The crack could be a spider web one or might also look like spilled ink or liquid.

Lines or Pixels

If you find a group or individual pixel or pixel line appearing either horizontally or vertically on the LCD screen, the screen display would need a replacement. At times, these dead pixels & lines are mostly caused from the defective LCD display ribbon cable. In case, you find these dead pixels changing positions as per the screen angle, you can be assured of a faulty LCD display ribbon cable.

Flickering Screen

Flickering screens, usually, are caused due to inconsistent power. LCD inverter, that supplies power for the screen’s light display, might be failing & as it fails, it starts to buzz or turns hot- resulting in flickering screen. The LCD screen can also flicker due to damaged or loose LCD display ribbon cable. If you are experiencing flickering screen, contact a good LCD display repair & replacement company as soon as possible.