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What Every Gamer Should Know about Custom PCs

When it comes to building a computer that is made for hard-core gaming, there are some foundational rules that must apply. At H Power Computing, we know that you will be using your computer for long hours and that it needs to be fast enough to handle even the most intense graphic scenarios. That’s why we make sure to follow the three golden rules of computers specifically designed for gaming. We create custom solutions that make rocking the gaming world no problem.

Rule #1: Video Card Speed

Your computer’s video card will be handling some pretty intense graphics. That means tons of calculations and some specific CPU-type functions that make your gaming experience smooth sailing. Video card selection varies depending on the monitor resolution, so we’ll consider the whole setup before choosing the right type of card for your gaming system.

Rule #2: Processor Speed

In the gaming world, you want a smooth transition between screens and speeds that will knock the sock off any regular PC. Get rid of hang-ups, slow load times, and more with a processor that’s custom made to make your gaming experience top-notch.

Rule #3 Memory

Memory capacity (RAM) is an important part of your gaming experience. While it doesn’t help too much with the speed of your gaming programs, it is integral when it comes to proper cache functions. Without enough RAM, your system will cache information to the hard drive, resulting in hang ups and slow loading graphics.

There’s More to Building a Great Customer Gaming PC

Beyond the three main concerns when building a custom gaming computer, there are plenty of other considerations that we won’t take for granted. First of all, you’ll need plenty of storage space for games. The more intense your gaming experience is, the more storage space required to install and store game files. For this, we will consider a solid-state storage drive for your operating system and a separate, faster, drive for your gaming applications. This will keep things running quickly and efficiently.

With hours of play time, it’s also important to mind the mechanical details of your gaming computer. It’s easy to overheat a computer when the components are working so hard, and for so long, to keep your gaming system at peak performance. That’s why we will take some time to make sure your system will be cooled properly. Air cooling is okay for causal gamers and is the standard for computers of all types. But for intense aficionados, a more sophisticated cooling system will be appropriate. Liquid cooling may be the way to go on gaming computers that will be pushed to the limit on a regular basis.

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