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Understanding DVR Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are an important investment when it comes to protecting your property and goods. That’s why H Power Computing offers top-of-the-line equipment, software, and expert advice on home and business surveillance technology. Surveillance systems are used by homeowners, company owners, and even government agencies to monitor security and store photographic evidence when crimes are committed. It is important to understand your needs fully when thinking about purchasing a system, so you can count on H Power Computing to help you understand the types of surveillance systems available to you and the technology you’ll use to protect your property.

Types of DVR Surveillance Systems

All surveillance systems from H Power Computing come with DVR recording systems, unless the system uses internet protocol to record activity. DVR recording means clear picture quality and digitally stored information is available when you need it – for immediate monitoring and future review if necessary.

Day/Night Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras and IP Cameras (Wired or Wireless)

Most IP cameras support advanced features and capture video over the internet, so no external storage is necessary. Many include motion detection and most will connect to door sensors and other motion sensors. Day and night IP cameras offer versatility and security through high-performance technology and construction. These cameras capture clear video regardless of light levels and are perfect for indoor and outdoor surveillance needs.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Cameras

High dynamic range cameras (HDR cameras) are suitable for many common applications and allow for multiple lighting levels. They can adjust to changing light exposure, making it possible to capture a clear video in any light. Most HDR cameras are used in scenarios where the light level changes often or when a reflective surface is involved, to prevent sensor burnout.

Infrared Night Vision Cameras

Infrared night vision cameras are specially suited to capture images in near-darkness, when very little back lighting is available. While many capture daylight images as well, they are especially useful in dark warehouses and on properties where there are no external lights. Infrared cameras use a special light source to illuminate objects. However, because the light is invisible to human eyes, it is undetectable.

Outdoor/Waterproof/Bulletproof Cameras

Outdoor, waterproof, and bulletproof cameras are for outdoor use in any situation. Waterproofing is important for any camera that will be installed and exposed to rain or humidity – two elements that can destroy the electronic components in a surveillance camera. Bulletproof casings are especially helpful when high-value items are involved as they prevent criminals from disabling your surveillance system.

H Power Computing can help with these and other DVR surveillance solutions! We can help with any of your video surveillance and recording needs, including custom built systems, motion detection, remote monitoring, mobile monitoring, and more. Contact us today for a free DVR Security System Consultation!