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Three Ways To Get The Computer Support You Need

Many of us depend on our computers for personal or business use, and can relate to having a machine that is not operating well, or in some cases, completely failing to function. This situation can inconvenient us greatly, and possible even cost us profit to our business from loss of sales during down time. Diagnosis of the problem and resolution, FAST, is vital! At H Power Computing, we provide the support you need to get you back to business as usual – or chat, social media, research, gaming or whatever other key reasons you are counting on a reliable computer.

Support #1: In Store Computer Support

We are conveniently located downtown at 55 S Kukui St, Suite C107, Honolulu, HI. Our expert technicians are ready to perform any type of computer diagnostic assessment to determine what the problem is, and how to best proceed with a quick and efficient recovery. When you drop off your computer for service with us you can be sure that we will carefully preserve the data stored on your computer, and if necessary, copy your data for storage to a safer unit.

Support #2: On Site Computer Support

In some cases, it is necessary and more convenient to come to your home or office to provide on site computer repair. This might be particularly the case for networked offices where equipment might include multiple computers, DVR and surveillance equipment as well as servers that need to be examined. On site computer support can identify issues such as viruses, equipment failure, storage shortages and software incompatibility. Our H Power Computing technicians will ensure that a thorough investigation has been completed, issues have been resolved and systems restored so that your operation can run smoothly again, as quickly as possible.

Support #3: Remote Computer Support

Whether its software, network or configuration issues – advances in technology available makes it possible to connect directly to your computer to work on your problem. Having an Internet connection is necessary for this type of casinoin service.

At H Power Computing, we offer custom built computers, data recover and professional PC repair and support. You can count on us for professional, honest answers – and the fast computer support when you need it most!