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The Pros and Cons: Kids With Computers

It is amazing to observe the competency very young children can develop with computers. Setting your child up with their own personal computer is a step towards enabling their computer literacy, which seems almost inevitable in our society. Although many parents and educators agree that being tech-savvy from an early age can better prepare kids for school, there are also reasons to exercise caution when allowing toddlers and young children access to computers.

The Pros

As mentioned, early learning of the basics of colors, shapes, letters and simple math can give kids an advantage when they start school. Computer use for kids can also help them develop the fine motor skills they need. Using a mouse to point and click can be just enough of a challenge that they are willing to try it, knowing they will be rewarded with results. The hand eye coordination needed to use scissors, catch a ball or other similar tasks can be fine turned with the motor skills required to use a computer.

The Cons

Overused, computer time for kids can have potential negative effects. The lack of social connection, and the increase in stimulation that may make it a challenge to appreciate down time for reading or drawing are factors parents would want to consider. Also, particularly for children old enough to access the internet, parental control for children’s safety is vital.

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