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Texting Etiquette: A Few Polite Reminders

As a simple and fast way to relay messages, texting is an efficient means of communication. Most of us with a cell phone send and received text messages regularly. At H Power Computing, we recognize that as with any form of technology, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways for it to be used. To keep us practicing our texting in a positive way, here are a few reminders of texting etiquette:

1. Text When and Where it is Appropriate
We have all been in the situation where either ours or someone else’s text notification or ringer goes off at an inappropriate place and time. Religious meetings, funerals, theatres, public speaking engagements, libraries and doctor’s office are just a few of the places it would be appropriate to turn your notification to quiet, and excuse yourself from the room if you need to send a messsage.

2.Prioritize People in Your Company
If you are engaged in conversation with someone, it is impolite to check or send text messages. It signals to the person in your presence that you are otherwise occupied and not really paying close attention to what they are saying. If a text message comes through, ignore it – or excuse yourself politely to check or reply.

3. Respect Recipients of Text Messages
For some users, they are charged per received text, which may not be welcomed. Keep this in mind, and request permission to text them. Keep messages short and informative. If using acronyms, be sure they can be easily understood by the receiver. Making up acronyms that the user does not understand can be frustrating for the recipient.

4. Texting Should Not Replace Conversations
You’re fired. Your relationship is over. These are examples of texts never to send. Any announcement or conversation that needs in depth discussion should not be sent between parties over text messaging. It would be appropriate to indicate through text that you would like to have a conversation, and arrange a time that is convenient.

There are many other common courtesies we can extend when texting. The important thing to remember is that people should use the technology as it was intended, and consider the receiver of our messages in addition to the people around us while we send out messages.

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