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Seniors Crossing the Digital Divide with Custom Built Computers

Some seniors may feel apprehension when it comes to purchasing a computer, seeing a ‘digital divide‘ between what is available on the market and their level of expertise. For many, they see the value of keeping in touch with family and friends as well as staying attuned to weather and world events by way of the Internet. But choosing to buy a computer may be overwhelming because many offer features and functions that are not necessary, are overly complex and are overpriced.

Seniors in Need of Custom Built Computers

For some seniors, poor quality eyesight, hearing or motor skills may make using a regular computer challenging. Taking these factors into consideration, at H Power Computing we can now provide a custom built computer that takes into account these special needs. Simpler user interfaces, and adaptive hardware such as arthritis-compatible mice and keyboards with larger letters are just a few of the custom built components available for our clients. Adapting to the digital requirements of all of our customers, including those with special need as well as seniors, at H Power Computing we are the experts at providing the technology you need to enjoy the experience of using your computer, carefree.

The Benefits of Custom Built Computers for Seniors

Social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and user groups that are Youtubemp3now of particular interest to seniors are rapidly increasing in popularity. Many seniors recognize that by contacting new friends, or existing family and friends around the world, it can bring them the daily social connections they might otherwise miss. In addition, elderly persons that actively use computers see a significant increase in brain health. Of psychological benefit to is the ability to be self sufficient so far as E-commerce, online banking and finding information on the internet – particularly to those that may have impaired mobility.

The benefits to seniors of being able to comfortably using their own personal custom built computer are great. Knowing that you are working with a team of experts that you can trust will provide you with outstanding service now, and ongoing, gives you peace of mind. Our wide range of up to date technological components will be sure to provide you the experience that you need – fast, reliable and worry free. We invite you to contact us at H Power Computing to see how we can best fit your budget and necessary functionality for your custom built computer.