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Public Wi-Fi For Your Business – The Risks and the Rewards

Offering public Wi-FI is one of the newer methods businesses are using to retain their existing clientele, and appeal to new customers. Restaurants and coffee shops,  as well as tourist and travel destinations top the list for public Wi-Fi providers. Other types of businesses are joining in as well seeing the success rates of this type of marketing draw. Before offering this service at your business though, it is important to review the risks that may be involved in addition to the potential rewards.

Public Wi-Fi Risks

The biggest risk to offering public Wi-Fi from your business would be data theft and hacking of your existing private network. However, by putting into place proper security measures you can minimize, and possibly remove the threat of exposing your business to this danger.

At the very least, businesses would want to encrypt their network with WPA-2-Personal Security thus avoiding the potential of others viewing private network traffic information. If your wireless router has a guest access feature, enabling this will show a Wi-Fi connection under another name to users (known as SSID) thus separating them from viewing your private network settings. Businesses choosing WPA-2 Enterprise Security, requiring a RADIUS service or server, have even greater security protection.

H Power Computing can help you protect your business network security, and set up public Wi-Fi if you decide this is a service you would like to offer to your clients. In some cases, it may be possible for the H Power Computing professional service technicians to modify your existing equipment to extend Wi-Fi to your clients. Recommendations for upgraded equipment at reasonable costs will be made if necessary.

Public Wi-Fi Rewards

Many businesses find that by offering a pubic Wi-Fi service, their customers stay longer thus increasing the likelihood of them purchasing products. Also, clients return knowing they can access Wi-Fi, and businesses use this opportunity to promote current services and products. For hotel and overnight accommodations, Wi-Fi access, whether offered free or at a cost, often is the deciding factor of whether customer will choose one hotel over another with similar rates.

Adding public Wi-Fi may well be a service that could improve your business return. It is important though to consider the costs involved of potentially buying new equipment, and of putting security measures in place so you do not jeopardize private information on your existing network. Have the H Power Computer team help you assess your business network structure, and work with you to help you achieve your goals.