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How to Prevent Minor and Major PC Repair Issues

At H Power Computing, we see a lot of preventable PC repair issues. In general, the most common problems arise from hardware, memory, viruses, and malware that disrupt your system’s normal functioning. Viruses and malware programs can cause problems with internet connectivity, speed, program execution, and more. While not all PC issues are related to this problem, most of the tips below will help you avoid the most common reasons for repair.

Always use antivirus software to protect your computer.

Even if you never visit websites that seem “shady” or download files from unknown senders, there is a chance for infection if you do not have antivirus protection installed. Viruses can be transmitted to web pages, emails, and even attachments from people you know! Most people don’t even know they are sending you a virus because it’s hidden in the file.

Take Advantage of On-Board Diagnostics and Utilities

Most Windows and Mac based PCs provide the option for users to clean up the hard disk and save space. These simple steps can help free up space and get rid of old files no longer in use, resulting in a more efficient system. The more efficient your PC is operating, the faster and more seamless the user’s experience. Microsoft and Mac offer online instructions for using disk cleanup and disk defragmenter functions.

Backup Your Hard Drive

For most PC users, it is inevitable to experience some type of data issue eventually.  In order to retain your files and important information, you should always have a backup plan so that your files are sage. You may copy important files to an external hard drive, a disk, or a flash\thumbnail drive.

Keep it Clean!

One of the easiest ways to prevent hardware problems with your PC is a matter of housekeeping. Keyboards are notorious for catching tiny particles of food and liquid, making the keys stick and creating a situation where it just doesn’t work the way that it should. Keep a brush or a can of compressed air on hand to help dislodge some of the dust and debris there.

Keep dust away from the vents and fans to prevent motor wear and eventual burnout, too. Sometimes, it may be necessary to open the casing and dust the inside, but be careful to use a light brush or air canister.

For you monitor, a microfiber towel and a dab of water is the best way to remove smudges and debris without scratching the surface.

Keep Your Operating System Updated

It’s easy to ignore those pesky update requests that may interrupt what you’re doing on your PC. But they are important activities for the health of your PC. When you operating system stalls, has compatibility problems with common programs, or other unexpected issues it is commonly caused by out of date software. When these issues add up, you’ll need to call on an expert in PC repair to unravel the problem.

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