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Network Attached Storage Systems: A Business Solution for Retaining Your Customer Base

The speed at which a company representative can access information can have a significant affect on consumers perception of a business. The time taken to retrieve and review necessary information may be minutes – or even seconds as customers wait for answers to their queries, and formulate opinions about your service levels. Aside from employees trained to provide the level of quality service needed to satisfy your customers, another method for addressing this issue is to ensure file access is as efficient as possible through your network attached storage system.

A network attached storage system is a dedicated file based device that is designed to make it easy to share files over a network. It is quite often a stripped down operating system without a keyboard or display – controlled and configured by browser through the network. It may contain one or more hard drives for stored data. By removing the task of file storage from other networked computers, the speed at which information is accessed may be improved.

At H Power Computing, our technical team are the experts to choose for implementing a network attached storage system for your businesses. Our custom built computers and servers are specifically designed to meet your needs, and budget. We assess your current requirements, and develop solutions that meet today’s needs, but with the possibility to expand to meet your future goals.

If you have questions about whether a network attached storage system would be right for your business, or you would like to know more about our custom built computers, PC repair and support or data recovery options – contact us today. At H Power Computing, we are the service experts, and it is our goal to ensure your business meets its potential for exceptional operation through computers that are efficient, affordable and exactly what you need!