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Liquid Cooling for Your Custom Built Computer

Fans have long been the solution for transferring heat that is generated from the CPU away from the temperature sensitive interior computer environment. However, as consumer demand for CPU speed continues to increase, installing a liquid cooling system has become an increasingly common way to keep that CPU from causing harm to your computer – while continuing to operate your system at top speed.

The liquid cooling system is often compared to the radiator of a car. Through a complex system that circulates liquid through a heat sink attached to the processor inside the computer, heat is transferred away from the CPU and cooled liquid is circulated to continue the process of cooling the CPU and surrounding environment as it functions.

Aside from the obvious advantage of having the potential to increase CPU speed while continuing to provide a smooth functioning environment for your computer, another perk to the liquid cooling system is noise reduction. When fans require speeds in excess of 7000 rpm, this can result in a system that operates with constant noise at possibly higher than comfortable noise decibels. While the liquid cooling system is not designed to operate silently, it does usually provide significantly quieter operation.

At H Power Computing, our service technicians can explain further advantages of liquid cooling before choosing this as part of your custom built computer. We are always available to answer your questions, and we pride ourselves on meeting your needs, budget and timelines.

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