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DVR Surveillance: A Protection for Your Home or Business

There is no price that can be put on feeling safe in your home. If you have been the victim of theft or destruction of property to your home or business, you understand the feelings that may ensue – insecurity, sadness, a longing for justice through capture and penalty to the perpetrators. Often when theft or vandalisms occur there are no clues to point in the direction of the when the incident occurred, who may have been responsible and how specifically they may have gained access to your assets. That can now change, and the cards can be put in your favour through installation of a digital video surveillance system.

Customizing Your DVR

At H Power Computing, our expert technicians take the time to understand your unique situation in order to best assist you with building a custom DVR system that will meet both your needs and your budget. With numerous options to choose from including Internet and mobile enabled monitoring, motion detection recording, pan/tilt/zoom camera control and more – we have the capability to build a DVR system that will meet your security objectives.

Night and day security protection through use of a DVR system can be a deterrent for persons intending to damage your property, or steal your belongings. The outdoor, waterproof and bullet proof cameras available are the solution to outside monitoring of your home of business.

Whether your budget is large or small we will suggest an affordable style DVR surveillance so you can feel good knowing your property is on the watch. The convenience of remote monitoring means you can see from your mobile device or computer exactly what is going on in the area that is under protection.

If you think DVR surveillance might be a good choice for your home or business, contact us to find out more. Our friendly, professional technicians at H Power Computing will help answer any questions you may have, and get you started feeling safe and sound in your home or business.