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Disk Imaging: What is it and Why You Want It

A failed hard drive puts the breaks on accessing your programs and files. This can cost you in time and money to reinstall, reorganize and reconfigure – and can mean your business sales may suffer if the problem is not resolved quickly. Disk imaging is the solution to this inconvenience, and can get things back on track fast.

Disk Imaging: What It Is

At H Power Computing, our expert service technicians will perform a complete diagnostic review of your existing hard drive. If your drive is recoverable, we can safely make an exact copy of the data contained on your machine and place it on a new hard drive that will operate smoothly either in your computer, or a newer, stable computer operating system that we can recommend. Here is a list of the types of hard drives we support:

Desktop Drives
Laptop Hard Drives
External Hard Drives
Solid State Drives
Memory / Media Cards (SD, MMC, CF, XD, etc)
Raid Hard Drives*
SCSI Hard Drives*
NAS Hard Drives*

**Additional charges may apply for complex data recovery.

Why You Want Disk Imaging

As previously mentioned, time and money come into play when we can’t perform routine tasks associated with the programs and files on our computers. Having the ability to restore these and get back to ‘business as usual’ can be the make or break for some business. As for personal computer files, we may have photos or other sensitive information stored that are irreplaceable. Disk imaging can recovered your data, and give you the peace of mind that your files are safe once again.

By contacting H Power Computing today, we can arrange to attempt a comprehensive data recovery of your hard drive at an affordable rate, with a fast turn around. If you have been the victim of a failed hard drive, disk imaging may save your files and programs – and get you back up and running.