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Data Recovery: Giving Your Failing Hard Drive a 2nd Chance

Whether you’ve experienced it from a personal or business level, having hard drive failure on your computer can be devastating. Work lost, photos deleted, program applications inaccessible – all legitimate reasons for anxiety and frustration. The good news is, at H Power Computing with our data recovery service, we may be able to give that hard drive a 2nd chance and restore some or all of the information you think you may have lost forever.

How to Diagnose a Hard Drive Failure

Although there may be multiple reasons for your computer to not be operating efficiently, here are a few clues to know when it is definitely time to have our service experts take a look at a potential hard drive failure situation looming:

-Computer won’t boot up
-Computer is running slowly
-Computer freezes and becomes unresponsive
-Random messages, reboots and other out of ordinary occurrences

If any of these things are happening, early diagnosis Casinoscapital will be your best chance at restoring data saved on your hard drive. If you wait too long and try to continue to use the computer, it may result in further damage, and the potential of corrupted information that can not be restored.

Our service experts are trained to carefully diagnose the extent of the damage to your hard drive, and using our disk imaging process, reinstall and reconfigure your information to a new hard drive safely – in many cases using your existing machine.

Each data recovery situation we deal with is unique. In some cases, people require rush service, which we are happy to try to accommodate. We understand that having a fast, efficient working computer is a must for many individuals. Whether its data recovery, or building a custom built computer based on your needs and budget, at H Power Computing our commitment is to provide quality, affordable service that you can count on every time.

Contact us today if you are in a situation where you may need to recover data from a failed, of failing hard drive. Our guarantee is to try our best to get your files back, or we won’t charge for our service!