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Custom Built Computers: Gaining the Advantage Over Pre-Built

Naturally, as we have made it our business to build custom computers, along with providing PC repair and support, our recommendation would be to steer clear of big box, national brand companies and online pre-built computer and server purchases. There are many reasons why we opted to begin, and why we continue within this industry. For consideration are 5 advantages of choosing a custom built computer over a pre-built option.

1. Getting Exactly What You Need
If ordering in a restaurant, do not many customers request how they would like their meal served (ie: sauce on the side?) How about customized business logos and artwork? Would it suffice to use generic messages that don’t necessarily fit your brand? NO! When purchasing a computer, we likely have in mind specific intentions as to how it will be used, and these can not possibly be compensated for with mass scale production computers that get shipped out for sale at big box store. Custom built means getting what fits for you.

2. No ‘bloat-ware’
Often, pre-built computers have pre-installed programs and applications that take up a substantial amount of storage space on your hard drive. With custom built computers, this problem is eliminated. We install only what is necessary to optimize your system performance, and upon request client provided software.

3. Free Date Transfer from Old Computer to New Computer
The task of data transfer can be tedious, and in some cases, can result in loss of valuable information. At H Power Computing, included with our custom built computer designs is data transfer from your old computer to your new one.

4. Inclusion of Essential Security Software, Antivirus, Malware /Spyware Removal Software
Left up to the buyer, some pre-built computers operate with no security systems in place. This poses a risk for the user as identity theft rises, as do the risks of compromising other secure information. At H Power Computing, we ensure your custom built computer is not left exposed to hackers and dangerous viruses.

5. State of the Art Components
Rather than put a lowball price tag on a system built from poor quality parts, we use only high quality components and we work within your budget.

There are many other reasons to consider custom built computers. We invite you to drop by or give us a call to discuss how we can meet your needs. Our technicians at H Power Computing are the service experts!