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Clear vs. Oceanic Time Warner

I chuckle when I see the ads from Oceanic.  They claim significant value
when you bundle their services and that leads the general public to believe
they have the best deal in town.  Well, no.

For example, their bundles do not discount their cable service.  It’s a
heavily regulated service so if they purchase super-fast Internet or home
phone service from Clear, their cable prices DO NOT CHANGE.  Too many people
I’ve talked to cite this very reason for not making the switch.

The other example that absolutely cracks me up, is the TV ad where numerous
people at different locations on the island saying “it works here and here”.
The ad highlights their Road Runner Mobile service which as you know uses
the Clear network.  However, to get the $40 per month RR Mobile you need to
have cable modem service which can be $40 per month.  That’s $80 per month
versus Clear’s Get Two plan for $55.

In yet another example, anytime you see the $40 Internet and phone bundle,
the Internet is throttled at 1.5 Mbps.  Cheap, yes.  Slow, yes.