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Can’t Access Your Files? Data Recovery May Solve the Problem.

There are few feelings worse than the sinking in your stomach when you attempt to boot up your PC and realize that something has gone terribly wrong.  We know that losing access to your important files is far more than just an emotional event – it can mean problems in your job, business, or personal life. The good news is, your data may not be lost forever. Whether you’ve experienced a full-on hard drive crash or are accidentally deleted important files, data recovery can help you gain access to your important files.

How Data Recovery Works

Data recovery is the process of carefully recovering the files on your computer that have been lost due to a hard drive crash, corruption, accidental deletion of files, and other common errors. This includes files on your PC and external storage devices such as camera SD cards and flash drives. The most common type of data loss is caused by a failed operating system. In this scenario, data recovery is usually simple for a trained technician. Using a special program, we can mount the system’s drive to an external device to recover the data that’s been lost.

Lost data caused by a hard drive failure can be more difficult to recover. In this situation, a technician at H Power Computing will determine the source of the problem and determine the best course of action. In many cases, this will involve repairing the disk drive (or a portion of the drive) or using a special program to recover the corrupted files. In extreme cases, data recovery may involve replacing faulty hardware components in order to gain access to files. These types of repairs are temporary and allow the technician to access the files one time so that they may be moved to another storage device.

Deleted files, those that are permanently removed by the user, can be recovered through special programming designed to retrieved fragmented bits of information. It’s important to note that deleted files may not be recoverable if they are too fragmented or if the disk space has been overwritten by another file.

Preventing Data Loss Before It Occurs

If you’ve recently experienced data loss, you’re likely thinking about ways to prevent this catastrophe from ever happening again. The best way to prevent data loss is to consistently back up your hard drive. However, even with regularly scheduled back up operations, there is still a chance you will lose data at some point. Be sure to watch for the tell-tale signs that a hard drive problem is imminent:

  • Slow Boot, Intermittent Booting Problems, and Unexpected Rebooting
  • Vibrations, clicking or humming noises
  • Files and Folders are slow to open
  • Frequent freezes and unresponsive programs

H Power Computing Can Help

Data recovery is our specialty at H Power Computing. We provide comprehensive data recovery services and can identify the problem with your hard drive before transferring your data to another computer or external storage device. We offer quick turnaround times and competitive pricing, so call us today! Our service is guaranteed – if we can’t restore your data, we won’t charge you for the service!

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