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Bloatware: What it is, and Why You Should Avoid It

Bloatware is a term that refers to software that takes up a considerable amount of disk space, may offer a lot of features, however, it may be somewhat useless to the user. It exists for several reasons. Let’s consider these reasons, and why this would lead us to the conclusion that you should avoid bloatware on your computer.

Reasons Why Bloatware Exists

The first reason for the existence of bloatware, is that quite often software developers may disregard the amount of disk space the applications they are creating will consume. With today’s computers, developers sometimes reason that it will not be a problem for the end user if applications are large and storage space consuming, as additional RAM cost are low and many people use external storage options. This is a selfish line of logic. Concluding that computer users will not need the storage space on the computers that they purchase is presumptuous.

The second reason bloatware exists is that it is of benefit to major manufacturers. Taking advantage of ‘pre-installed’ bloatware, it becomes a reason to sell more storage options, more installed RAM, and it increases bottom line profitability for big name PC manufacturers.

When downloading applications, a user should be wary in that bloatware that can also come ‘piggy backed’ with other applications. Generally, it is a good idea to be very selective, and to choose ’no’ when prompted in fine print to download something additional to the application you have predetermined to download.

At H Power Computing, we custom build our computers. As such, we know the software that comes pre-installed should be determined by you, your needs, your budget. We do not install any type of bloatware on your custom built PC. Useless, space consuming applications go contrary to our goals of providing you computers that are fast, efficient, affordable and best suited to your needs.

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