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4 Tips For Making Our Email Management More Productive

We have all found ourselves spending an hour, quite often longer, doing the following email related tasks: checking emails, deleting junk, storing messages to the correct folders, responding to important messages and ‘unsubscribing’ to lists we don’t remember signing up to in the first place. Within these tasks, there are a lot of redundant processes that can be streamlined to make our email time more productive.

Tip #1: Keep Email Responses Short
Consider the recipient of your emails and whether they will actually take the time to read long drawn out explanations and extensively detailed information. They are more than likely going to scan through quickly and assume that the most important information is within the top of the email content.

Tip #2: Include a Subject Message
Subject messages save time and assist us with locating emails that have been stored. Subject lines also help us to avoid the potential of opening virus contaminated emails. At H Power Computing, they work hard to ensure that your custom built computer contains all the essential security software to protect you against spyware and email targeted viruses.

Tip #3: Don’t Consider Your Inbox Data Storage
Storing important emails and documents for future reference in our inbox is risky. H Power Computing in many cases can assist you with restoring accidentally deleted data by transferring files directly from your hard drive to another computer or external device. However, the technicians at H Power Computing recognize that it is best to prevent this occurrence from happening in the first place, and can set up you or your business with data storage that meets your requirements.

Tip #4: Open Emails Should Be Processed Immediately
Taking action immediately when we open an email may be a new line of thought, as we have all been guilty at some point of having a ‘pile up’ of open, but unattended to emails. It is important to schedule time in our day to manage our email, rather than having a general notification each time an email comes into our inbox. Stopping our current task to read an email now, with the intent to respond later, can result in a significant amount of time wasted.

Having H Power Computing create a customized computer that you enjoy using, and has all the functionality built in to accommodate you and your business needs can make email management among your scheduled tasks during the day a time to connect with others and meet your business objectives.